Is Colloidal Silver Toxic

Environmentalists keep telling us that Colloidal Silver is toxic and thus must be banned. They claim that being toxic, that it is deadly to human cells.

Everything Is Toxic To Human Cells

That’s right. Everything is toxic to human cells, it too much is used. Even water is toxic to human cells, if it overwhelms the cells. If, for example, you soak mammalian (which includes human) cells in pure distilled water, it kills them. Yet if those cells don’t get small to moderate amounts of water each day, they wither and die.

Maybe we should ban water because it is toxic to human cells because it is toxic on our cells when our cells are exposed to high levels of water. Yes, it is ridiculous. Yet that is exactly the reasoning that is being used by the environmentalists.

Environmentalists are conducting research projects in which they drench cells in excessively high concentrations of silver nanoparticles and shout to the world that they have proven that silver is toxic and we need to ban it.

Used Correctly, Silver Heals

Research is showing over and over again that when used in small to moderate amounts, remarkable cellular healing and rejuvenation takes place. This has been proven on cuts, burns, wounds and infections.

Hospitals have been using silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) because it is effective to treat infections of second and third degree burns. This was used on me when I was in the hospital and suffered with these types of burns.

Silver nanoparticles are being used more and more in wound dressings, catheters, and various household products due to their antimicrobial activity. And all without any toxic effects.

According to Silver News, the Institute of Technology in Varanasi, India have been testing the effectiveness of nanosilver particles as an anticoagulant. They are finding that nanosilver is actually better than aspirin to prevent blood clots, and without the side effects that aspirin has (excessive bleeding, etc). Nanowerk is also reporting this.

Silver Has Been Used For Centuries

Early records indicate that the Phoenicians used silver vessels to keep water, wine and vinegar pure during their long voyages. Early American pioneers put silver coins in their water barrels to keep it clean. They also put silver coins in their milk to make it last longer.

The old phrase “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” is not a reference to wealth. Rather, it is a reference to health. In the early 18th century, it was discovered that babies who were fed with silver spoons were healthier than those fed with spoons made from other metals. Of course, only the rich could afford those silver spoons.

The Greeks used silver vessels to keep water and other liquids fresh. In fact, Herodotus, the Greek philosopher and historian, dates the use of silver to before the birth of Christ.

During the Middle Ages, the wealthy stored and ate their food from silver vessels because it was discovered that the silver would keep bacteria from growing. This even helped them during the full brunt of the plague.

Cheap Drugs Replaced The Use Of Silver

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s silver was used commonly as a medicine. The only problem was that it was very expensive and only the rich could afford it.

During the 1930’s, synthetically manufactured drugs began to make their appearance. It was much more affordable and so the drug companies established a strong foothold in the medical field.

Today Silver Is Affordable and Drugs Are Expensive

Researchers are discovering the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver. It is now very inexpensive to make and much more effective than most drugs. This has caused the drug companies to wage a war against Colloidal Silver. If everyone discovered how effective Colloidal Silver is and how inexpensive it is, the drug companies would go out of business.

This is why we are reading report after report about how toxic Colloidal Silver is. Drug companies have convinced the media and environmentalists that Colloidal Silver must be banned. The truth is that they are doing this only to protect their profits.

Colloidal Silver Is Not Toxic

According to FDA and EPA in the USA and the Ministry of the Environment in BC, Canada, it is very safe. In Nov 1999 the FDA confirmed thru a Freedom of Information query that there have been:

No Reported Deaths
No Allergic reactions
No harmful drug interactions
No cases of Argyria (blue-gray coloring) from colloidal silver made electrolytically.

Ignore the deceptive and biased research that is being published. Find out for yourself just how effective and safe Colloidal Silver is. I have several articles on this website about Colloidal Silver.

Search the Internet about the safety and effectiveness of Colloidal Silver. When you read a report about how toxic it is, find out how much Colloidal Silver they used to reach that conclusion. If they don’t tell you, ignore them, because they have used an excessive amount. And of course, an excessive of anything is toxic to the human body.


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  2. Julia says:

    I used colloidal silver for about a year, anally and topically.  Then I began taking colloidal silver IV’s and to use it vaginally.  I was trying to kill a triple systemic infection, and wanted to get as much of it into my body as possible.  I was told it was safe and and non-toxic.  I was very ill and had little energy to research.  The little bit of research I was able to do indicated it was safe, that because the newer stuff was nanized, the particles being smaller, it was more effective, would “do it’s job” and then exit the body. 

    Initially, the silver helped me get back on my feet, maybe even saved my life, but did not kill the infections like I had hoped.  I had a total of 16 silver IVs. During that time, I met a “blue man” who had agyria. Strange.  

    I don’t recall exactly how long I used it vaginally; it was maybe about halfway thru the IV treatment course, maybe about 2-3 months.   If the claims for colloidal silver are true, I should have been completely cured of my infections. Instead, I began to tank again.  I developed vaginal blisters, and sores on my labia.  (Sorry to be so graphic, but this is the truth.)  At the time I didn’t know what caused the sores.  But I could tell I needed to do something differently soon, or else I was going to die.  

    I switched health care professionals and the new professional was appalled that anyone would promote colloidal silver as being safe for ingestion.  Told me it was toxic and was causing the vaginal / labial sores.  I had to do heavy metal detoxing clay packs vaginally and topically for several weeks before the sores went away. This new person saved my life by putting me on a program using plant sourced super nutrients and clay packing to detox heavy metals and infection.  Within a few months I was able to be back in the saddle, but certainly no thanks to colloidal silver.

    Finally, I was able to do extensive research on the safety of silver colloid ingestion, and saw plenty of evidence that it is unsafe.  Please, take my testimony seriously. I cannot recommend colloidal silver of any type for any kind of health treatment. From my experience and research, I believe colloidal silver is dangerous, and I tell people so.

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