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Organic Is Not Always Organic

One of the biggest frauds being put out by the food industry is the term “organic.” When it first began to appear, it had a very specific meaning. It meant that foods with this label were raised naturally, on small farms with great integrity. They were not processed, were not raised using chemicals or did […]


Benefits Of Coconut Oil

For some time now, we have been warned to avoid coconut oil like the plague. We have been told that since it is loaded with saturated fat, that using it will clog our arteries and lead to our death. What they have not told us is that there is a difference between animal based saturated […]


The Danger of Splenda

Splenda is a danger to you even if you do not know it. According to recent research, Splenda is showing up in our drinking water because water treatment plants cannot break it down. Thus, more and more of us are ingesting Splenda, even if we don’t want to.
Splenda (sucralose) Is Not Broken Down
Scientific American, in […]


Ultra-Processed Foods Kill Us

Ultra-Processed foods, which make up most “modern” foods are actually dangerous for us. In fact, they are killing us instead of making us healthier. Our modern processed foods are removing the nutrients that our body needs in exchange for making them last longer.
The Big Issue Is Ultra-Processing
Ultra-Processing is a term used by Carlos Monteiro, a […]


Trans Fats Are Harmful

We have been hearing for years that trans-fats are harmful to us. But up until now, we have not known why trans-fats are harmful to us. Trans-fats cause hardening of the arteries and now Scientists know why.
Why The Food Industry Uses Trans-Fats
The food industry uses trans-fats because it extends the shelf life and flavor stability […]