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Colloidal Silver What To Look For

I have been amazed at the negative information that is being published on the Internet concerning Colloidal Silver. The drug manufacturers are definitely scared of the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver. And they have reason to be. If everyone knew what Colloidal Silver could do for them, the drug companies would loose billions in sales.
Incomplete And […]


Socks And Silver

I about fell off my chair when I ran across an article that said that odor killing chemicals in socks may be wrecking the world’s atmosphere. The article was saying that the microscopic silver nanoparticles infused in the socks were causing the release of dangerous greenhouse emissions.
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You can find the original article here. […]


Ultra-Processed Foods Kill Us

Ultra-Processed foods, which make up most “modern” foods are actually dangerous for us. In fact, they are killing us instead of making us healthier. Our modern processed foods are removing the nutrients that our body needs in exchange for making them last longer.
The Big Issue Is Ultra-Processing
Ultra-Processing is a term used by Carlos Monteiro, a […]


Trans Fats Are Harmful

We have been hearing for years that trans-fats are harmful to us. But up until now, we have not known why trans-fats are harmful to us. Trans-fats cause hardening of the arteries and now Scientists know why.
Why The Food Industry Uses Trans-Fats
The food industry uses trans-fats because it extends the shelf life and flavor stability […]


Third Hand Smoke

Do you even smell cigarette smoke and there is no one around you that is smoking? If you are a smoker, you probably do not notice it. But non-smokers do. This is third hand smoke. It is what lingers in hair, clothes carpet, drapes, furniture and even just in the air after a smoker has […]