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Colds and Vitamin D

Colds and Vitamin D are not usually connected together. Colds are usually thought of as something we cannot avoid during the winter. But actually Vitamin D can do a great deal to help us avoid getting a cold.
How Do We Get a Cold?
The most common thinking is that we get colds be being around people […]


Be Healthy Longer

We all want to be healthy and to be healthy longer in our lives. We don’t want to just live longer and not be able to enjoy life. However, living healthy longer does not come naturally, especially here in America. It does take some planning and work.
Does Money Help Us Live Longer?
Conventional wisdom tells us […]


Are You SAD This Winter?

Many people are SAD during the winter. And I don’t mean unhappy. I am referring to a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This happens to many people and they don’t understand why.
Our Lives Have Changed
Before the 20th century, our living conditions were much different than they are now. People spent most of their time […]


Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Dr. Sears put out an email that described why women live longer then men. He said that women had a super enzyme that extends women’s lives. He did not say that men do not have the enzyme but that women have much more of it than men do.
The “Methuselah Enzyme”
He said that the few people […]


Is This Real Chicken?

Does McDonalds serve real chicken? Did you know that only about one half of a Chicken McNugget is real chicken? The rest includes corn derivatives, sugars, leavening agents and completely synthetic ingredients. Sometimes I wonder what is in other fast food.
Bionic Burgers
I am sure that you have read about McDonalds Bionic Burgers. This has been […]